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Distraction-Free Cart And Checkout

Distraction-Free Cart And Checkout

    Ecommerce A/B Test Idea: The Hypothesis

    By reducing visual elements and removing all unnecessary links/navigation from your checkout flow, you will increase your checkout conversion rate.

    Why You Should Test It

    Giving your customers the options to back out, browse around, or click away once you they get to the cart or checkout flow, will always result in a lower % of successful checkouts. Once we get a visitor into the cart or checkout flow, we need to make sure there’s no leaks or unnecessary ways to exit that flow. Much like a horse wearing blinders to stop them from becoming distracted or scared of what’s around them. If we give our visitors many ways to leave our checkout, then there?s a chance we?ll lose the sale. So, remove all navigation, unnecessary header links, unnecessary footer links, and make your checkout flow distraction-free?. Focusing solely on moving them to the next step with short form lengths and a prominent CTA button.

    Why It Works

    If we?re distracted, we?re far less likely to reach our end goal. No matter what it is in life? whether it?s work tasks, relationships, or buying things online. Distraction is the spark that ignites the fire. And once people are distracted and we lose their attention within the checkout flow, were highly likely to lose the sale too. When we?re advertising a deal or special, we make sure there?s only one goal on the page, and that?s to move the person to the next step. The same should be done with our carts and checkouts… Reducing distraction and increasing the effectiveness of visual cues, such as our CTA buttons.

    Persuasion Theory

    Law of distraction, Visual fluency


    Harry’s minimizes distractions on their checkout by removing all navigation links and focusing solely on the customers next steps.

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