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    Ecommerce?A/B Test Idea: The Hypothesis

    By adding complimentary product options at the cart stage, you?re far more likely to increase your average order value and increase sales of the upsold product.

    Why You Should Test It

    They?ve already made a decision to buy your product. It?s in their cart and they?re ready to checkout. So why not offer a complimentary product, or something additional at a discounted price to your visitor? They?re far more likely to say yes because they?ve already committed to the purchase. They?ve made a conscious decision to trust and buy from your company. Now’s the time to cash in on that by showing your thoughtfulness and offering a great deal. You can of course have upsells after the initial purchase, and that?ll work even better. But if your system isn?t capable of that, offering upsells in your cart is the next best thing. It?ll increase your AOV and can also be a way of selling products which get less traffic and need to be sold, as long as it?s in the best interest of your customer. You can even offer free shipping if they add one of your upsells to their cart, like Forever21 does.

    Why It Works

    Three words? ?The Consistency Effect?. If people have made a decision to do something, such as purchase from you, they?ll be more likely to buy something else from you of a lesser value if it?s suggested at the right moment. It?s one of the tactics that catapulted McDonald?s revenue. We?ve all heard it? ?Would you like fries with that?? And it?s something you can do too to bump up your revenue and AOV. Allowing you to spend more on your marketing to acquire customers at an even greater scale. It?s a simple test that could result in the transformation of your business, and your competitive advantage.

    Persuasion Theory

    Consistency Effect



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