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Prominent Contact Information

Prominent Contact Information

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    Ecommerce?A/B Test Idea: The Hypothesis

    By adding a contact phone number or email address to a prominent part of your pages, you create a feeling of trust and reliability for your visitors which can increase your conversions.

    Why You Should Test It

    Want to create that lovely warm feeling of trust? By adding your phone number to a prominent part of your site – like your header – you can instil a feeling of trust and security in your visitors. They’ll feel comforted they have the option – if they ever needed – to give you call and talk with a real human. It?s a way of breaking down the virtual walls and making your company feel more accessible. Not only can it boost your conversions, but it can also allow your brand to stand out more in the marketplace.

    Why It Works

    People need to feel assured before they make a purchase on your site. Whether that?s seeing a money back guarantee, the quality of the product, or customer reviews. Your visitors need to feel assured that if they ever need to, they can easily contact you and you’ll be there to help them. It checks a box in the visitor’s mind that you’re a real brand, you care about supporting your customers, and you’re accessible.

    Persuasion Theory

    Assurance Effect


    Zappos Prominent Contact Information


    BOOM Prominent Contact Information

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