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Test Idea #20: ??Maslow?s hammer?? bias



    Understanding ??Maslow?s hammer?? or ??Law of the Instrument?? bias can help you convince customers who are hesitant to give up on a tool they are familiar and overly reliant on. They are often not willing to consider other options, but by understanding the psychological mechanism behind the bias you could change their minds.


    By using copy and visuals show your customers how you know they?ve been using the same tool over and over again and how your tool compares to others. Demonstrate how your solution is superior to those they?ve been using and they?ll be more willing to engage with your business.



    Sticking to what you are familiar with is a basic human instinct, which also translates into us using the same tools and brands for years. We?re hesitant to switch to something new, unless it?s clear tous that this new product or service is going to be a lot better and worth the time we?ll need to get used to it. ??Maslow?s hammer?? or ??Law of the Instrument?? bias explains exactly this- our reluctance to give up on a tool we are used to just to replace it with something new.

    You can overcome this cognitive bias by showing your customers why your tool is better and how they get more value out of it. Compare it to your competitors and use copy and images to demonstrate how your solution is superior in order to nudge your website visitors towards considering other products besides their ??old hammer??.

    What to test

    Variant A, or your current landing page does not address how your tool is superior to others on the market and how you successfully combined a lot of different products into one. From this landingpage, your customers cannot understand why your product is superior or why they should switch t it. Variant B or the test landing page addresses this and clearly shows all the products your tool can replace and how much easier it is to use your platform versus five others.




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