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Test Idea #30: Anticipation effect

    Test Idea #30: Anticipation effect


    Eagerly waiting for something and anticipating a positive event is something us humans love to do. Even if it?s something small, like our favorite company releasing a new product, new features coming out for our software or a big sale, we?re built in such a way that we really enjoy looking forward to something. Build anticipation for your customers and you could see higher retention and CRO rates.


    By announcing on your landing page that there will be a sale or big discount on your products or services at a later date, you can build anticipation in your customers and make them more eager to come back a couple more times and check out your offers, which could result in higher retention and conversion rates.



    We naturally like to have positive things to look forward to and although it might not be a massive event, it?s still something that could brighten our day and put us in a state of happy anticipation. When you create anticipation in your customers, you also put them in a state where they are constantly waiting to hear from you and look forward to any contact which makes it then easier to cooperate with them at a later date.

    They might react better to marketing campaigns you send them or could react positively to new products, announcements and features. You can start small and announce the date of a sale on your landing page, where old customers and new prospects can see it. Having your website visitors excited for something and thinking of you in a positive context is something every online business wants and creating anticipation is one way to do it.

    What to test

    Your current landing page or Variant A is just your regular landing page, without any special announcements on it. Variant B, which is the test version of your landing page, features a big banner which announces the starting date of a big sale and mentions some of the most appealing offers that will be available then.

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