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Test Idea #8: Analysis paralysis



    Analysis Paralysis is a state we are all familiar with from our daily lives. It describes what happens in our minds when we get bombarded by too much information or get offered too much data so that we get paralyzed by the sheer amount of content and can?t make a decision. Your customers experience the same thing, but you have to make sure that it does not happen when they are on your website.
    Do not offer a lot of disorganized and unnecessary information to them right away, or for example don?t offer 10 different pricing options. Let them discover your business without paralyzing them and making them feel like they have to do a lot of research before they can decide what to buy from you.


    By offering less, but better tailored information and content to your website visitors, you will make it easier for them to make a decision and engage with you.


    This psychological bias suggests- and we?ve all experienced it- that our brains shut down when they?re overwhelmed with information. If you throw too much information and stimuli at your customers, all at once, you?ll either make the process of them discovering your business too stressful or they?ll give up
    right away, not wanting to bother with a big task. And you don?t want them to associate a negative emotion with you- ever.
    Avoid having too many pop-ups, CTA buttons, text, images and offers on one page. You want to lower the amount of work your customers need to do and simultaneously lower the ??cognitive load??. Cognitive load is the amount of mental work your customers need to do in order to make sense of your website or understand your message. Don?t make them read copy that isn?t directly relevant to the page they?re on, such as offering information about the company on the pricing page, or having too many CTAs right on the landing page. You can offer a lot of details and information about the product on the product page, but don?t include it on something like the ??About us?? page.
    If the experience is smooth for your visitors, and you don?t overwhelm them with lots of different options, it?ll be easier for them to make the decision to become a customer. You can achieve this with a clean design and a well focused message on each page.

    What to test

    Your current website, or Variant A, has a landing page that features different CTAs, information about the team, pricing and product details. With all these sections on one page you remind your visitors about all the work and reading they have to do before they can decide whether to use your business or not.

    Your Variant B, or test version, offers less information on the landing page and tailors it a bit better. You should have only one relevant CTA, focused copy and relevant images that serve the purpose of that given page.

    BONUS TIP: Do the same in your marketing. Do not send out promotional materials to clients with 3 different CTAs and a contradictory message. Make sure they know what you want them to do, whether it?s to sign up for your newsletter, start a free trial or schedule a call, but don?t ask them to do all 3.


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