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We Ripped Apart Harry’s $200million Ecommerce Product Funnel. Here’s What We learned…

Have you heard of Harry?s? The subscription shaving products underdog that took on the likes of Gillette with savvy online ads and great PR.

Over the years Harry?s have built up over 3 million monthly recurring customers. And they?re not stopping there. Now they?re looking to enter other crowded consumer markets and take on the big players at their own game.

You see, Harry?s have perfected their direct-to-consumer online model and found a repeatable way of doing it again and again.

And the good news is, any Ecommerce brand can use the same strategy Harry?s is using to capture and convert new visitors into customers.

In this article, I?ll break down Harry?s strategy and their Trial Funnel. Then I?ll give you actionable tips to create your very own.

Sound good?

Let?s do this.

What Makes A Trial Funnel So Special?

It doesn?t matter if you’re a single product brand or a multi-product brand, you still need to convert visitors into first-time buyers.

And one of the best ways to do this is by creating a funnel that focuses on a single too-good-to-miss offer and nothing else.

Here?s how Harry?s does it with their starter set shaving bundle?

Harry?s Trial Page – Above The Fold

This is the page where the magic happens. All Harry?s pre-sell pages (I?ll show you these later) link to this one page…

Their Trial Funnel.

By the time you get to this page, you already know what Harry?s is and the benefits of the product. So all they need to do is to sell you on the value of the bundle, handle common objections, and make it as smooth as possible.

Here?s A Quick Breakdown Of Harry?s Trial Page


1. No distractions or unnecessary navigation links for the visitor to leave the funnel. And having a progress indicator assures us it?ll be quick and easy to buy.

2. Their heading makes you feel unique like you?ve discovered a special deal and it?s just for you.

3. A high-quality product image that showcases the value you?ll receive.

4. Making use of discounting and crossing out the older price to reinforce the discount. It?s already a great bundle deal, but with the added discount as well, it?s almost a steal.

5. Showing us the savings we?re getting and handling the common objection of shipping price, which is free!

6. Clear and concise bullets as a product description. By the time we get to this page, we?ve already been sold on the idea of Harry?s products. But for extra measure below the fold, there?s more copy expressing the product’s features (I?ll show you in just a second).

7. A clear call to action. It?s a non-threatening almost non-committing button. We?re just going to the next step in the 3 step process.

8. And before we go to the next step, we?re reminded of their quality guarantee… Assuring us there?s no risk and we can get our money back if we don?t like the shave.

And If That Didn?t Convince You, Here?s Some Of Harry?s Dashing Product Copy…

If we?re not sold on the Starter Set?s value above the fold, we can scroll down to see more of the product?s benefits and inviting images…

?5 German Blades?… Why German? Because we immediately associate German made products as having a high quality.

Like calling a brand of water ?Crystal?, or a teeth whitening product ?Snow?… These simple words have powerful images behind them. Images that have been created and moulded in our minds throughout our lives. When you think of crystal or snow, what comes to mind? Maybe images of winter, of white snow, and of clean sparkling glass.

Action Item: What words could you use to associate your product with an already established image in the mind of your audience? Association is such a powerful tool in our marketing arsenal. Whether it?s associating with an established image using words, or an actual image of a celebrity and borrowing their ?brand? values.

As for the rest of the page, the copy speaks to the benefits of comfortable shaving and addresses men’s common problems. Such as dry skin after shaving, or getting to those hard to reach places.

The page is a mix of simple product copy with high-quality images and an attractive price point.

Perfect for getting us to click that next button and go to…

The Second Step: Harry?s Refill Page (Their Recurring Revenue)

This page is where we get to choose our product refills and get added to their subscription service?

The best thing about this is how easy it all is. The first refill isn?t even charged today, so the initial purchase price still remains low, making sure there?s less price resistance once we reach the checkout.

Also, we?re reminded we can cancel at any time and we?re getting a discounted deal on the refills? with free shipping! ?

Harry?s Final Quick Question Before Checkout

This question has two benefits? Firstly, it lets Harry?s know when to ship us refills, making sure we have what we need when we need it most.

And second, it feels like we?re building our own package. Like it?s being custom made for us?

Action Item: Asking questions is a great way of getting emotional buy-in and encouraging micro-commitments from our visitors. That?s why quizzes work great for lead generation, or why we?re far more likely to buy something if we?ve answered a few questions before a product is shown? almost like a custom recommendation based on the answers we gave.

The fact is, questions simply make us feel more involved in the process. And this quiz-style way of selecting the refill shipping period is a great way of doing it.

But Wait! There’s More? Do You Want A Harry?s Mystery Box?

Once we reach the checkout, we get shown an upsell popup for a ?Mystery product?…

I love this! Not only does it increase AOV, but it?s a cool novelty surprise you can tell your friends or spouse about when it arrives. You?re already committed to buying from Harry?s, so you might as well spend an extra $5 and get another of their products. A product that could be worth a whole lot more.

And as a bonus, their copy is funny and engaging too. Showing the brand?s quirky personality and making you want to click that big red button to see what mystery item awaits you.

Action Item: What are you doing to increase your AOV? Are you offering complimentary products at checkout? Or maybe even having a mystery surprise like Harry?s. It?s something worth testing out. Because we both know an increase in AOV means having more to spend on acquiring the customer. And whoever spends the most to acquire a customer, wins.

And Lastly, Harry?s ?Never Backout? Checkout

A smooth, distraction-free, easy-to-fill-out checkout page…

Not like other sites that have navigation menus in their header and footer. This page is 100% focused on getting us to fill out our details and make a purchase as quickly as possible.

And not giving people the option to back out or bounce to another page is a fantastic way of increasing checkout completion rate.

Action Item: There’s a lot of inspiration to be gained from distraction-free checkout experiences like this one? Keeping it clear, minimal, and quick to fill out. But most of all, reducing all distractions and not letting our visitors slip through the cracks or back out of the sale.

Now that we?ve been through Harry?s Trial funnel, let?s see how they get people like us into the funnel in the first place.

That my friend starts with Facebook Ads and a Pre-Sell page.

So let?s break it down…

Harry?s Ecommerce Facebook Ads

Harry?s Facebook and Instagram ads are simple and quirky, like the brand. The angles they often use are:

1. New and different

2. Join others like you

3. Fear of missing out

4. Saving money

5. Opposing industry norms (Challenging commonly held beliefs)

Action Item: The fact is, new and different is better than better. New things grab attention. And creating the impression that everyone else has this product and you don’t have it? that?s how we can get people to take action. No one wants to be alone or to stand apart from the crowd. We all want to fit in and be a part of something.

And using a big number like 5 million makes us think ?5 million guys can?t be wrong?, and Harry?s must be doing something right. It?s like when companies say they?re number one, or they?re the best selling product in the market…

Is it actually proving that their product is the best? No, it could be they?re just the best at marketing and getting sales. Who knows what the churn rate is. But when we see ?Number 1 Bestseller?, or 5 million other guys are customers? we feel safety in that.

And their retargeting ads are all about breaking down those commonly held objections people have to becoming a customer. Things like being able to cancel anytime, no upcharges, and price resistance. Plus adding in some social proof by mentioning their award winning products doesn?t hurt either.

Their ads are simple, with a big focus on video and creative ways to get people to swipe up on Instagram.

Want to see all the extra pre-sell pages, Facebook ads, and landing pages from Harry?s? Download this article in a handy PDF, plus get access to all the resources and page links I uncovered in my research.

Click here to grab your resource pack (it?s free)

Now let?s move on to Harry?s Ecommerce pre-sell page.

This pre-sell page hits objections, sets the brand apart from competitors, and encourages action.

It?s a lot to accomplish from a small page. So let’s break it down and I?ll explain what it does, why you should use one, and how it can change everything for your brand…

Deep Dive Into Harry?s Ecommerce Pre-Sell Landing Page

Over the course of a few days, I visited Harry?s pre-sell page a bunch of times in my research for this article, and it was constantly changing. So they must be testing different variations and pushing traffic to see which converts better.

But so far, this list post style is the one I?ve seen the most across their various campaigns.

So let?s see how the magic happens (I?ll break it down in a second)…


Pre-sell Breakdown: The Intriguing Into

  1. Out of the 5 navigation options, two are one-click-away from the Trial Funnel. The other three are two-clicks-away from the funnel. Almost every page on Harry?s site is designed to educate, then move you to the Trial Funnel.
  2. Blog post style title ?7 Reasons Why? is a classic. It?s intriguing and states something as a matter of fact, that guys are loving Harry?s.
  3. The intro reads like a story, but it?s delivering social proof (10 million razors) and selling the brand (quality, fair price, deliverability) in one swoop.

Pre-sell Breakdown: Common Enemy To Bond Over

  1. Creating a villain and common enemy (Gillette) to throw stones at… Because who doesn?t love an underdog taking down the big bad guy.
  2. Relating to men’s common problem with high priced razor blades.
  3. Sells their brand? fair prices, no upcharges, and no gimmicks? A straight honest company we men can stand behind, while shaking our fists at Gillette for ripping us off all these years. Powerful stuff… Can you create a common enemy in your marketing?

Pre-sell Breakdown: Crazy Product Quality

  1. German manufacturing = High quality products. Leveraging pre-existing beliefs and associations. Are there any associations you can take advantage of for your brand?
  2. Telling a story of Harry?s quest to create an amazingly high quality product and pass savings onto the customer. Makes you think they?re a pretty decent brand, right?

Pre-sell Breakdown: Award Winning Features & Social Proof

  1. Telling us about the products features. Most likely many shaving products have similar features. But Harry?s is speaking proudly of the features they?ve packed into their shaver. Further increasing the feeling of value.
  2. Social proof and awards from GQ and AskMen. Two highly regarded authorities in the mens style space. And 2017 isn?t too long ago, so it still feels relevant. Do you have recommendations, awards, or association in some way to an authority your audience highly regards?

Pre-sell Breakdown: More Social Proof & Legitimacy

  1. Other award winning products? Awarded by who? No idea, but it sounds good!
  2. They have other products too. Makes you think that if you like their shaver, you?ll like their other stuff.
  3. They?re a real company with many other successful products.

Pre-sell Breakdown: A Good Cause

  1. If a company says they give to charity and the charities are relatable to their target audience, it?ll probably increase their conversions. The ethics behind companies mentioning charities can be murky water to swim in, especially when some companies won?t hold up their end of the donating. But one thing?s for sure, it can definitely help sell more. (Note: I?m sure Harry?s is a stand up company who gives a large amount to charity. But there are definitely those brands out there who?d use it simply to bump up conversions and never donate.)

Pre-sell Breakdown: Objection Handling & Positioning

  1. No commitments and can cancel anytime. Commonly held subscription objections we might have to becoming a customer just got erased.
  2. Positioning themselves apart from other online razor brands. Other razor brands force you to subscribe. Do they? Who knows? but from what we?re reading, it sure sounds like they do.

Pre-sell Breakdown: Guarantee

  1. Refund if you?re unhappy. There?s almost no risk.
  2. You?ll be taken care of. Excellent support team and the highest customer satisfaction of any shaving brand. I guess if we were ever going to buy from these guys, we?d definitely feel like we?d get help if we needed it. And it?s all backed by an industry report. Sounds fancy and authoritative. How can you use authority to make your brand seem more appealing?

Pre-sell Breakdown: The Close

  1. Great image of the bundle you?ll receive. Looks full of value.
  2. We?ll get everything we need if we give it a try. And with no risk and great customer support, sounds like a no-brainer to me.
  3. ?Redeem trial?… I love this. The word ?Redeem?? what does it make you think of? Something that?s yours already, like a gift card, or a reward you?ve earned with credit card points. Kinda makes you feel like it?s already yours. Like it?s got your name on it in the warehouse, and all you need to do is redeem it… Great use of wording!

Using a pre-sell page can be a game-changer for many online brands. Most brands go straight to the product page from their ads. But having a pre-sell page to explain away objections and encourage mental ?buy-in? can work wonders for increasing product conversions.

It?s definitely something you could test. Creating a bundle offer or a special deal, then having a pre-sell page explain the benefits and prehandle objections. In a competitive industry where it?s hard to stand out, a little more education can go a long way to gaining market share.

And that my friend, is everything.

We spoke about the Ads, the pre-sell page, and the trial funnel.

It?s a lot to take in, I know. So here?s the most important important parts you can implement in your store right away…

Actionable Takeaways

  1. Using a low priced but high value offer can be a great way of acquiring customers.
  2. Having a recurring revenue component, or a strong backend sales strategy in your business to increase customer lifetime value. Allowing you to spend more on ads and outspend competitors.
  3. Making use of progress bars to show how many steps are left and assure the visitor it?s a quick and easy process. This can be a great way of decreasing bounce rates and abandoned checkouts.
  4. Always handle common objections at every step (returns, quality, customer service, etc). Never assume visitors remember what you?ve told them before.
  5. Use associations and pre-existing images in your audience’s mind to attach those benefits/values to your product.
  6. People equate more stuff to more value. If you have a bundle package, make sure to show all the products in your images clearly? packaging and all. It can really make a difference to the deals perceived value.
  7. If you have a recurring revenue component, try charging for it later to lessen the price resistance of the initial purchase.
  8. Using quizzes or questions in your customers journey can increase conversions and create a sense of co-creation or an authority positioning for your brand in the mind of your audience.
  9. Keeping everything simple and minimal. Remove all distractions. And if you?re putting people into a funnel or checkout process, make sure to remove unnecessary navigation in your header and footer. We don?t want people to slip through the cracks.
  10. If you have one key offer like Harry?s, make sure it?s accessible on every page of your website. More people go to your about page than you might realise, so take advantage of that and use a CTA for your offer at the end.
  11. Offer complimentary products at the checkout as an upsell. Or go crazy and offer something mysterious like Harry?s…. It might just be the best thing you?ve ever done.
  12. ?New? and ?different? is better than ?better?. People want new? a new trend, a new innovation, a new angle. See how you can manufacture ?New? in your marketing efforts.
  13. If you challenge commonly held beliefs in your market, your brand will be seen as a truth speaker and a company on the same side as your audience. Which puts your competitors on the opposing side?. The side your customers can throw stones at. So how can you create a common enemy in your marketing? It?s something you and your audience can bond over.
  14. Nobody wants to be left out. As humans we?re wired to want to belong. So take advantage of that and create the perception of your products being used by everyone. Create a situation with your marketing where not buying means they?ll be missing out and not be included with the rest of us.
  15. Test using pre-sell pages to educate, build excitement, and knock down commonly held objections to becoming a customer. A list post style pre-sell page can work wonders for speaking about your brands benefits simply and directly.
  16. And lastly, be cool. People love cool brands that align with their identity. So take a look at your target audience closely. Are you speaking like you?re one of them?


Want to see all the extra pre-sell pages, Facebook ads, and landing pages from Harry?s? Download this article in a handy PDF, plus get access to all the resources and page links I uncovered in my research.

Click here to grab your resource pack (it?s free)



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