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Others Also Bought / Discovery

Others Also Bought / Discovery

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    Ecommerce A/B Test Idea: The Hypothesis

    By showing the visitor what other customers have purchased similar to the product they?re viewing, you increase the clickthrough of those products and can increase purchases.

    Why You Should Test It

    Showing your visitor what other people like them have also purchased can easily sway decision making. So by placing a section on our product pages to display just that, we encourage our visitors to discover more of our products and spend more time on site. And if others have also bought products similar to the one our visitor is looking at, there’s a good chance our visitor will share a similar interest in those products, increasing the likelihood of their purchase. It also acts as a two-way interaction almost, whereby if the visitor was physically in a store, the store worker might recommend similar items? creating interaction and relationship building for your brand. Plus it?s just great user experience anyway, regardless of it increasing conversions.

    Why It Works

    As humans we are more inclined to buy what others have bought. We trust the masses and their opinion. We say to ourselves, ?if all these people think this way, it must be right!? Which is an incredibly powerful effect. It?s similar to when adverts say that so many millions of a product have already been sold, or a product is number one in its market. We automatically assume the product must be good and don?t think otherwise. So seeing a section which says ?Others also bought?, we automatically assume that a large number of people was needed for those recommendations to be displayed. We trust in the opinions of others, especially if those other people are similar to us. So, take advantage of this and try it out.

    Persuasion Theory

    Social Proof, Authority, Reciprocity


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