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Showing Recently Viewed Products

Showing Recently Viewed Products

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    Ecommerce A/B Test Idea: The Hypothesis

    By showing a visitor their recently viewed products you remind them of what they?ve previously shown interest in, further increasing the chances of click through and purchase.

    Why You Should Test It

    We all browse around stores searching for the best products. We click, we hit the back button, and we click again? time and time again. So wouldn?t it be helpful for our visitors if we gently remind them of what they?ve already looked at? I think so. There?s a common theme across all these test ideas, and that?s giving people a good experience. If we can give people a good experience with our store, lessen the friction to purchase, and overcome objections, then we?ll make sales. And this is no different. If we give the visitor an easy way to click on products they?ve already shown an interest in, we simply make it easier for them to buy. Try it out yourself and see what happens.

    Why It Works

    If we?ve already looked at it, then we?ve shown interest. And if we?ve shown interest, we?re more likely to buy. So it makes sense to put our visitors recently viewed products in a place that’s? easily seen. Some stores keep this section in their footer sitewide, while others display it at the bottom of their product pages. Wherever you choose to place it, It gives your visitor a better user experience with your store and a simple reminder of products they like. And with the ?Consistency Effect? in action, we know they?re more likely to take an action if they?ve previously taken steps towards that action, such as clicking on a product previously.

    Persuasion Theory



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