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FAQs On Product Pages

FAQs On Product Pages

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    Ecommerce?A/B Test Idea: The Hypothesis

    By adding commonly asked questions to your product pages, you can overcome objections the visitor might have and increase your conversions.

    Why You Should Test It

    You can go to any one of the millions of Amazon product pages and see user generated questions and answers. The fact is, people have questions before they buy a product. And all too often, a small product description just isn?t enough if you have a complex product. If your products are simple and can be summarised in a product description, then that?s great. But if your product is more expensive, more complex, and requires answering questions before people buy. Then adding a FAQ section to the bottom of your product page is a great choice to overcome any objections. To create these FAQs, the best place to look is the questions people currently ask about your product. So take a look at your support emails and enquiries first, or go straight to the source and ask your prospective buyers what questions they want answered.

    Why It Works

    We all have objections before we buy? will it look good? will it fit in my apartment? what?s the quality like? There?s so many questions our visitors could ask, but luckily for us, we only need to answer the most common to make a difference in their mind. And giving our visitors peace of mind is what will allow them to complete their purchase. We don?t want regretful buyers or people backing out before checkout. If people are backing out of the purchase, then there?s still an objection we haven?t addressed and prominently shown. It could be free returns, quality assurances, or money back guarantees. Whatever it is, It?s worth a test.

    Persuasion Theory

    Assurance Effect


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