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Product Demo Videos

Product Demo Videos

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    Ecommerce?A/B Test Idea: The Hypothesis

    By adding a demo video to your product page, you?ll increase your conversions as your visitors will get to see the product in action and get more of a feel for what they?re purchasing.

    Why You Should Test It

    We all love video. It?s the biggest online trend in recent years and it?s only getting bigger. The fact is, images are flat, and although a picture is worth a thousand words? video?s are worth a whole lot more! And showcasing your products in a video can go a long way to overcoming objections and helping your visitors get more of a feel for the product… How it looks, how it handles, how it moves. It?s the next best thing to actually reaching out and touching it. Also as most product browsing traffic is now on mobile, try adding captions to your videos and using autoplay (without sound) when someone lands on your product page. I know shooting a video for all your products might be too time consuming right now, but why not try it out on your best performing product and see what happens!

    Why It Works

    We can?t touch it, try it, or see what it?ll actually be like before we buy it. It?s a thing we?ve all thought about at one point when looking at a product. And it?s something that can stop a lot of people from buying. So if we give visitors the chance to see the product in action, being used, being worn, or being reviewed? they?ll be far more likely to buy. It?s the Assurance Effect in action, where we?re always looking to be assured we?re making the right decision before we purchase. And showing videos to highlight the product and squash any objections the visitor might have, will go a long way to increasing your conversions.

    Persuasion Theory

    Assurance Effect





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