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Attractive Product Descriptions

Attractive Product Descriptions

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    Ecommerce?A/B Test Idea: The Hypothesis

    By creating attractive product descriptions that are clear, concise, and feel like a human recommending a product to another human, you can increase your product page to checkout conversion rate.

    Why You Should Test It

    Some say be funny, others say keep it short, I say be clear. Product descriptions shouldn?t read like a manufacturer’s spec. Instead, they should read like a friend recommending a product to another friend. Casual, full of benefits, and with your brands personality and end user in mind. Before you think about the words you write, think about your current customers and why they?d want it. Better yet, ask your customers. Then use those words to better describe and hone in on the right benefits that are important to them. If you?re reading a product description and nodding your head thinking to yourself, ?This is just what I need?, then the words are doing something right!

    Why It Works

    You might not think it, but your product descriptions could be your secret weapon against your competitors. With the right words on your product pages, you can bump up your conversions, reduce your cost-per-customer-acquisition, and get more out of your advertising budget. We both know the words we use are important. They have the power to influence, sell, and show our personality. And that?s the same for your product descriptions. When people read a description that shows the brands personality it actually feels more engaging, increasing the likability of the brand. So write for people, write the key benefits, and write with your brands personality in mind. And that my friend, is a winning combo for product descriptions that sell.

    Persuasion Theory

    Likability Effect, Assurance Effect


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