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Test Idea #7: Survivor bias



    To increase your customer’s trust in your products or services, show them you ran them through a number of tests and trials. This will convince your website visitors that the things you are offering are of the best quality because they are the ones that ??survived?? a rigorous selection process. Explain your process, detailing your criteria, tests or development process, and it will be easier for you to convince your visitors to become buyers or clients.


    Add copy and information to your product page that explains the tests and trials you used to perfect your products. By explaining that your current offering is the ??survivor?? of this rigorous process, you make it easier for your potential clients to trust you and click on your CTAs.


    This test idea is based on a simple persuasion technique- the human mind is more likely to trust a business the more information it gives them. Convince your visitors that your product is the best one because you tested it and compared it to other available products or your own iterations of it. Clearly indicate in your copy or by using visuals you created specifically for this, that you tested it against other products, in extreme conditions or conducted another trial relevant to your business.
    Make sure to offer information on this process: what is the test conducted, how it was done, what were the criteria, what you learned, and why this product won. By doing this, you trigger a psychological bias called the ??Survivor bias?? which makes people trust a product or a service more if you tell them it had somehow won over others.

    What to test

    Your current product page on your website, or Variant A, does not feature any copy or visuals which indicate your product survived a test process. It might mention general specifications or details of something like a hotel offer, but doesn?t mention why it?s better than others or how you determined that.
    Variant B or the test version does exactly that. The product page features a section where you show why this product or offer are better than others on the market and what test you ran to determine that.

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