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Test Idea #10: Bandwagon effect



    The ??bandwagon effect?? bias relies on one strong human need: to conform and belong. You can do this by showing your website visitors that your offers are popular. Feature the number of people that bought your products, post reviews, and use statements such as ??Join thousands of happy clients??. It will help increase your authority, but also trigger a specific mechanism in a visitor?s brain which urges them to hop on the bandwagon.


    By featuring customer numbers, reviews and copy that shows how popular your website is, your visitors will be more likely to trust you and want to join in. This will make them more likely to engage with your website and click on your CTAs.



    The human reflex to conform and want to ??follow the herd?? is a basic survival technique that has served us for millenia. If given the choice, we are more likely to choose the more popular option rather than the cheaper one. We can also blame this psychological trigger for the way we tend to change our opinions, ideas and beliefs to accommodate the majority and conform. And this turns into a spiral: the bigger the number of people who like something, the more likely it is that others are going to trust it and join in.

    By showcasing how many people placed their trust in you already, you increase your chances of attracting new users and converting them into paying customers faster.

    What to test

    Your current homepage, or Variant A, does not show how many customers you?ve had, nor does it feature reviews or copy that reinforces this. Variant B, or your test homepage, clearly displays all this, targeting the ??bandwagon effect?? bias and encouraging visitors to ??join the club??.
    NOTE: You can choose to add only one feature out of these we mentioned (i.e. just add the ??Join millions of happy customers?? banner and skip the reviews and additional copy), rather than all of them, and you can still successfully trigger this cognitive bias.




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