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Test Idea #11: Choice supportive bias



    The idea behind this test is to make your customers feel good about the choices they are making.You want them to leave your page feeling like they made the right choice, and you can do this by targeting the ??choice supportive?? cognitive bias.


    By adding reaffirming messages throughout the checkout process, which emphasize why your products and services are the best choice, you will reinforce the feeling in your customers that they are doing the right thing and will be more willing to buy from you.


    It?s a completely human reaction to want to think how our choices are superior to everyone else?s. And it?s this mental process that also comes into play when we browse and shop online. The ??choice supportive?? cognitive bias assumes that we will be more likely to buy something if we think we?re
    making the best choice, and your customers are no different. After making the decision and while in the checkout process, we tend to start looking down at the other available options in order to convince ourselves that the product we are buying is definitely the best choice.

    That is exactly why you should help your customers on this journey and make it easier for them to justify their purchase to themselves by encouraging them along the way. If you make it easier for them to believe that they just picked the best possible option, they will be more eager to buy your products and services, and complete those purchases.

    What to test

    Add encouraging copy and pop up messages which focus on highlighting the characteristics of your product that make it superior to other choices. You can add this to your checkout page, thank you pages, order confirmation pages, pricing and product pages etc.


    For this example, we are adding specific copy to a checkout page. Variant A, or your current website does not target this cognitive bias, and there is no encouraging copy on the checkout page. Variant B, or the test version, clearly features a reassuring message right at the top. By adding something simple as ??You just made an excellent choice by picking our best reviewed and bestseller option!??.

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