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Test Idea #1: Add testimonials


    TEST IDEA #1

    You want to put your visitors at ease and make them feel safe when they?re on your website. Use testimonials to show your customers that using your website carries minimal risk. This way you?ll trigger something called a Risk Compensation cognitive bias. In short, this bias says that, if you make people feel safe, they?ll be willing to risk more.


    By adding testimonials, you will make your customers feel safer when they?re on your website. Because of this they will be more eager to click on your CTAs and use your services.


    By adding testimonials, which serve as social proof, you compensate for any risk your customers feel they?re taking. At a minimum you?re making them feel comfortable and making it easy for them to trust you, but you could also reap massive benefits from this.

    The risk compensation theory explains that when people feel they?re in a safe and regulated environment they are ready to take more risks. This is an argument often used against seat belts. Economist Sam Peltzman argued that seat belts didn?t help lower the number of car crashes in the U.S., but instead caused more of them, because drivers felt safer when they were buckled in and were willing to take more risks.

    For you this means that your visitors will be more eager to click on your CTAs and will buy from you without a lot of hesitation. By making it easier for them to trust you, you?re increasing the chances of them acting recklessly and buying faster.

    Trigger this particular bias by assuring your customers that your website is a safe space, and watch your conversion rates grow.

    What to test

    Your current website or Variant A doesn?t have any testimonials on it.
    [sg_popup id=1]Add groups of testimonials[/sg_popup] to your website the way we did in our test version or Variant B. In this example, we?re adding testimonials to the homepage, but you can add them to any page you?d like. Use a neat and clean layout and post your customer reviews, partner or client testimonials.




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