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Test Idea #2: Group testimonials

    Cheerleader Effect Mockup


    When using testimonials on your website, don?t post individual testimonies all over the website, showing them one by one. Show testimonials in groups and you?re going to target the Cheerleader Effect bias.


    By grouping your testimonials together and putting them next to each other you can appear more trustworthy to your customers. The more your visitors trust your business, the more eager they?ll be to use your services, click on your CTAs or buy from you.


    The Cheerleader Effect theory proposes a simple principle: to the human brain, people appear more attractive if they?re a part of a group. If they?re shown in isolation, they?re less attractive. And attractiveness equals trustworthiness.

    We look at a group of people and decide that each individual face is as attractive as the average group face. The trick is that the average group face we invent in our minds is always more attractive than any individual face. It?s essentially an optical illusion.

    ??(…) although the group contains many individual items, we naturally perceive those items as a set, and form our impressions on the basis of the collective whole.?? – Cindi May, Scientific American

    Cheerleading squads across the world use this to their advantage. To appear more attractive and reliable they dress their members the same way and move in choreographed movements to enhance the impression that they?re a unified set.

    Knowing this can give you a few hints about how to optimize your website.

    What to test

    Your current website or Variant A, has only one testimony per page.On the test variation or Variant B, testimonials have been grouped together on the page, using a neat and clear design that?s going to be repeated throughout the website. We?re testing the landing page in this example, but you can test this idea any page you think is important for you.




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