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Test Idea #15: Loss aversion



    The more appealing the environment in which we make a decision, the more certain we will feel in our decision and the nicer our memories will be, which could lead to returning customers, higher CRO and retention rates. You can achieve this through design and encouraging copy, so that when your customers look back, the memory invokes pleasant feelings. Similar to the ??Perceived value?? bias, you want to give your customers the best experience possible, minimize any friction while they are using your website and leave a great impression overall.


    By creating a landing page that uses very warm language, pleasant images and is overall easy to use, without any glitches, your customers will not only have a pleasant memory of the purchase or action they performed, but the comfortable context created by images and copy will enhance this effect. Because of this you can expect to see an increase in returning customers, CRO rate and retention rates.



    The cognitive mechanisms behind the ??Context bias?? explains that very often, how we remember an event, has more to do with the context and environment in which it happened, rather than the event itself. People remember how you made them feel, more than what you did and that is why a lot of effort needs to go into making your customers feel comfortable, welcome and validating their choices.

    Make sure that your website is functional and easy to use and that your customers won?t get frustrated while on it. Your design and copy have to be welcoming, appropriate for your main target group and you should be supporting your customers and prospects choices along the way. This way their memory of your company will be pleasant and they will feel better about choosing your business or making that purchase, because the context will be overwhelmingly positive.

    What to test

    Your current landing page, or Variant A does not contain any copy that is especially warm and welcoming, and it only focuses on what your company does and what products it offers. Variant B, or the test version of the landing page, uses more welcoming language and invites prospects in with simple statements such as ??Welcome! Stay a bit and get to know us better!??

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