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Test Idea #16: Foot-in-the-door effect



    Humans are more likely to keep doing something if they?ve already started, no matter how small that initial action is. In other words, we?re more likely to keep stepping into a room if we already have our foot in the door. And you can bank on this by asking your customers to first perform a small task which, if they do, will help propel them further in your sales funnel because they?ll be more willing to do more tasks.


    By asking your website visitors to sign up for your newsletter, enter some basic contact information, or rate your product after a purchase, they will be more likely to keep engaging with your business and come back for more products, since they already made those first steps.


    The ??foot-in-the-door?? cognitive bias explains how humans are more likely to perform additional tasks if they already started and performed a small, initial action. If your customers already agreed to submit some basic information about themselves, those customers will then be more likely to fill out a whole contact form. Customers who already put their ??foot in the door?? and signed up for a newsletter, are then probably going to click on some other CTAs and engage more with your business.

    You can target this cognitive bias by adding different small tasks for your visitors to complete, on different pages on your website. Ask them to submit simple reviews on your ??Thank You?? page, fill out a survey, submit their email address to get an ebook, and break a long form into smaller pieces,
    because your customers will then be more likely to complete it.

    What to test

    Variant A, or your current contact form on your website, is long and requires your visitors to fill it out all at once. Variant B, or the test version of this form, clearly wants to target the ??foot-in-the-door?? bias and asks them to submit some basic details before they can proceed. This way the task doesn?t seem as daunting and your visitors will be more likely to complete all the other steps since they already agreed to perform the initial task.




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