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Test Idea #22: Mere exposure effect



    A lot of businesses, in order to add more color or diversify their website, don?t stick strictly to the same style rules on every page. Their CTAs change colors, headers and different elements are different shapes depending on the page, and all of this results in confusion for your visitors. Such basic elements on your website need to be predictable and recognizable so your customers don?t have to go looking for them and spend additional time identifying these elements from page to page.


    By following an established style guide and making sure that your CTAs are always the same color and same shape, your customers will be more familiar with their function and more willing to click on them.



    When your website has a uniform look and your basic elements look the same across all your pages, you make it easier for your visitors to use it. If your buttons and CTAs change colors and shapes constantly, you increase the amount of work your potential clients need to do which increases the chance that they will decide to leave quickly and won?t give your business a chance.

    More than this, the ??Mere Exposure?? cognitive bias emphasizes a psychological mechanism which makes humans prefer something they are familiar with. If your visitors get used to your design and can predict and recognize what your CTAs and other important elements will do, this familiarity can grow into preference, which makes them more likely to further engage with you. When combined with the fact that you don?t make them do any extra work, this can have a significant positive impact on your conversion rates.

    What to test

    Variant A, or your current homepage, features CTA buttons which are all different shapes and colors.The CTAs have the same function, but the design does not send that message because they are so diverse. Variant B, or your test homepage, contains uniform CTA buttons which are the same color and shape, and are much easier to spot and recognize.


    Effective Experiments


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