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Test Idea #23: IKEA effect



    Although similar to the ??Loss Aversion?? effect, where it is enough for your customers to own the product for a bit to get attached, and the ??Foot-in-the door?? cognitive bias where your customers become willing to perform bigger tasks after doing smaller ones, the ??IKEA effect?? proposes that you give your potential clients the chance to influence the product they?re buying. Giving them the chance ??to build it??, even if it means giving them the ability to customize the theme to their needs, will make them invested enough and more likely to buy your product or service.


    By letting your customers customize the product they are purchasing, even if it?s a sample version or simple interactive window, will make them feel more engaged and invested in the product, which will make them likelier to purchase it in end.


    Humans love their own work and are often willing to pay more for it. We tend to place a much higher value on things we had a hand in creating and are then also more willing to ignore any shortcomings it might have. We grow more attached and think it has more worth if we somehow had a say in it, and that?s why you should allow your website visitors to play around with the product and customize it, preferably directly on the website.

    You can easily do this by showing them an interactive window in which they can change the color, shape or size of the item of clothing they?re buying, show them what the SAAS product will look like with their logo on it or let them choose their own theme. One of the most common ways is to ask them to fill out a profile and offer some customization options during that process. And don?t forget to break the profile form into smaller pieces so you also trigger the ??Foot-in-the-door effect??!

    TIP: Besides targeting the ??IKEA effect?? cognitive bias on your website, you can also build it into your onboarding process. Instead of giving your new customers a list of instructions on how to use your product, gamify the process and let them ??assemble?? it. Unlock features as they go along or let them add ??building blocks?? and build the application at the same time to create more engagement.

    What to test

    Variant A, or your current product page does not offer any option for your customers to customize the product they?re buying. Variant B, or the test version, features a window which lets customers quickly, but efficiently see what the product they?re buying will look like once they own it and apply their own specifications to it.

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