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Test Idea #26: Scarcity effect




    Another human instinct you need to be aware of in order to use it to your advantage is our fear of scarcity. Show your prospects that your product is in high demand and they might decide much faster to become customers.


    By showing your website visitors how many other people are looking at the same product as they are, they will be quicker to purchase it or engage further with your business out of fear of missing out.



    The scarcity psychological bias relies on a basic instinct: if we think that there isn?t enough of the thing we want, our anxiety will kick in and nudge us towards making impulsive decisions. The anxiety we experience makes it easier for us to give into temptation and buy or opt-in faster, while otherwise we might deliberate a lot longer and talk ourselves out of it.

    Scarcity is so efficient at making us jump into action because it increases the perceived worth of a product or service, which only helps ramp up our anxiety at the prospect of missing out on something very valuable. You can apply the scarcity effect in a lot of ways and on almost all your pages by using different ??urgency motivators??: show your customers how many people are looking at the same product, how many available rooms there are left or place a countdown timer next to a one-time offer.

    What to test

    Variant A, or your current pricing page, features your usual offer with a discount on your main deal but there are no urgency motivators. Variant B, or the test version of the pricing page, features the same discount on your main package and next to it they can see how many other people are looking at this limited offer, creating a feeling of scarcity in your visitors.



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