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Test Idea #25: Perceived value bias



    This psychological mechanism plays into our superficial urges, but you can use it to your advantage to increase your sales and CRO. We tend to judge other people and things on the basis of how aesthetically pleasing they are, and websites and companies are no different. Use good design to retain and gain more customers.


    By focusing more on the design of your landing page and making sure it?s beautiful and there are no glitches will help create a better first impression with your customers, who focus more on aesthetics than practicality when initially judging an online business. A beautifully designed landing page which
    will appeal to your customers will help your retention rates and increase your session duration time.




    Although our shallowness is not something we can be proud of, we do tend to give more value to beautiful people and objects. This comes out of our impulse to ??judge a book by its cover?? and can lead us to shunning people and products that are not seen as beautiful enough. This also translates to the online world where we immediately distrust businesses that have badly designed websites. Even if your primary industry are not online products, ecommerce or SAAS, you should still pay a lot of attention to your internet presentation.

    Bad or conventionally ugly and sloppy design can make even those prospects who came to your website determined to use your service, reconsider their decision. Make sure your website design is polished, tight and that you paid attention to all the details, so there are no bugs or issues which could make potential customers doubt your capabilities. Bad design also means your visitors have to put in a lot of work to make sense of it and will be more likely to give up and leave your website very quickly. Humans are superficial, but until we all change, you should be aware of this flaw and make sure it doesn?t negatively affect your business.

    What to test

    Variant A, or your current landing page, is a longform page with a lot of text, randomly thrown in images, and no header or hero image. Visitors can?t skim the content and glean the main message after a couple of seconds, but have to read the detailed text. Variant B, or the test version of the landing page, has a big header image, CTAs that help direct customers to other pages and tell them what the next steps are, and highlighted, short copy so visitors can simply skim the page and get all the information from it. It?s more aesthetically pleasing and functional.




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