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Test Idea #32: Base rate fallacy



    The ??Base rate fallacy?? or ??base rate neglect?? cognitive bias suggest that people tend to ignore the broad and boring information you supply, and instead focus on specific details and pieces of,?which is why you should feature case studies on your website.


    By adding case studies to your product pages and testimonials, your customers and prospects will remember more about you, and it will be easier for them to trust you, which could lead to higher rates of returning customers and an increase in CRO rates.


    This is another example where you should take the ??show, don?t tell?? approach. The psychological bias behind this ??Base Rate Fallacy?? explains that we tend to ignore general information. Figures, statistics, lots of facts- all of this your customers and prospects will look over and promptly forget.

    Instead, what humans and your customers and prospects are good at remembering, are specific cases and examples. Your prospects won?t remember how many customers you had last year, but will remember that case study you have on your website which explains in detail how your product helped one or more customers.

    What to test

    Your current product page, or Variant A, features the usual reviews and testimonials, but no case study that would show your prospects how it works in detail and in what way it helped your customers. Variant B, or the test version of your product page, features prominently the case study, explains what the case study is about and through a CTA invites website visitors to download the case study.




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