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Test Idea #33: Status quo bias



    Humans are not the best with change. We tend to maintain the status quo as much as we can and enjoy being in our comfort zone. This also translates into using new services and products- we prefer sticking to our tried and familiar tools than switching to something new. Test Idea #20: ??Maslow?s hammer bias??, helps you overcome exactly this psychological mechanism to convince prospects to start using your company.

    But in this case, we?re showing you how to use the ??Status quo?? bias to retain your existing customers and essentially counter someone else using ??Maslow?s hammer bias?? against you.


    By reminding your customers why they should stay with your company, why it?s worth it and why they?ve been liking you, you can increase your retention rates and make sure your customers don?t switch to a different service.




    The cognitive mechanism behind this bias explains that people in general avoid changes because they tend to underestimate the benefits of trying something new and especially when they compare the effort it takes to get used to something new with the comfort of their old and tried ways- the status quo tends to win out. When thinking about change, we automatically think about the loss and not about what we could gain.

    This is almost a reflex and it can help you retain more customers if you trigger this bias appropriately. Make sure your customers don?t want to leave you by reminding them of what they?ve liked about you so far and how long they?ve been with you.

    What to test

    You can create copy that will target your existing customers and entice prospects. Your current landing page or Variant A does not feature any sort of copy that addresses existing customers. Buy our test version or Variant B does. On your landing page, you can add a section stating ??What our current customers love about us!?? and underneath it list everything you know your current customers love. This could serve the double purpose of increasing retention rates with current customers and tempting prospects into taking a closer look at your company.

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