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Test Idea #35: Rhyming bias



    Ok, this one might be most entertaining idea yet. Essentially, what we?re saying is that there is a reason why all those commercials have a jingle that rhymes. It actually works on us in the sense that we trust more statements that rhyme than those that don?t.


    By featuring rhyming statements on your landing page, your prospects will trust you more and be more willing to try your products and services.


    If you?re using a tagline for your business, make sure to use one that rhymes. We?ve been using rhyming in our communication for so long now and associate it with trustworthiness. It has become a self-fulfilling prophecy by now where the best companies use these rhyming statements and additionally convince us on a subconscious level that these taglines are evidence of competence and honesty.

    Rhymes are the stickiest form of verbal branding because they?re the easiest to remember and much more fun than regular taglines. Whether it?s your company name or tagline, rhyming makes it more possible that your website visitors will remember your business later on and think of you immediately when they decide they need services similar to those your provide.

    What to test

    Variant A, or your current landing page does not feature any rhyming statements and uses generic slogans about your business. Variant B, or the test version of the landing page, prominently features a rhyming tagline that is appropriate for your company.




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