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Test Idea #34: Neglect of probability



    If we?re uncertain of our decision, we will completely ignore anything that probability is telling us. In other words, don?t let your customers guess and assume where they are on your website, but make sure they always know what they?re doing, what the next step is and where they are.


    By adding a progress bar or tabs to your checkout page, you will help your customers navigate the process and they are less likely to give up in the middle of the purchase just because they are not sure what comes next or how far along they are in the process. This can give a significant increase
    to your CRO rates.



    It?s no surprise that psychologically humans buckle under pressure when faced with uncertainty and instinctively want to back out, rather than think about probability and predictability. We do it in life threatening situations, but also when faced with minor decisions, such as what to do with a purchase we were about to make. Rather than think about what is the most probable next step and trust our judgement, we tend to give up completely.

    If we don?t know where we are on a website and especially don?t know where we are in the checkout process, most of us will abandon the cart, rather than risk making a mistake with our purchase or credit cards. Knowing this is how your prospects and customers think can help you optimize your

    What to test

    Variant A, or your current checkout page, does not have any progress bar or explanation of how the process works. Your customers have to rely on their own familiarity with these sorts of pages and hope that the next page is what they predict it will be. Variant B, or the test version of your checkout page, fixes this problem. On Variant B, there is a clear progress bar, showing the customer at each point where they are and what the next steps will be, so they don?t have to rely on instincts and hope.




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