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Test Idea #5: Not invented here



    People tend to feel more comfortable when dealing with something familiar, or in this case, a company that has already been recommended by another company that is known to them. To overcome the Not Invented Here bias, you can showcase which individuals or other industry-relevant companies you have worked with. This will put your customers at ease and make them more willing to engage with your website and business.


    By adding a badges of previous clients to your website, so your future clients can see that you have been vetted by an institution or individual familiar to them, you will increase the number of visitors clicking on your CTAs and buying from you.


    Almost every website features badges and logos of companies they have worked with previously, in addition to testimonies. The reason why this is so common is because customers are more willing to trust a
    business that already has the seal of approval of a familiar brand, most commonly an institution or individual that is relevant for the industry you are in.
    By adding this information to your website, you are signaling that you are already a ??part of the group?? and not an outsider. People often hold a negative bias and avoid products and services that seem to have ??not been invented here??, ??here?? meaning within the approved industry groups and circles. Show your visitors that you have a connection to trusted brands and they will be much more willing to?choose you.

    What to test

    Your current website or Variant A does not feature any logos and does not mention the companies you worked or still work with. That is why when creating Variant B or the test version, you should dedicate space on your website to prominently showcase logos.
    Some suggestions on where you can implement this test and add the logos is the landing page, About us , or pages that are designed to cater to specific customers


    Crazy Egg


    Crazy Egg


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