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Test Idea #4: Information Bias




    To make it easier for your prospective clients to decide whether or not they want to buy what you?re selling, or engage with you in any way, offer them a lot of focused information. Give them details and in-depth knowledge because this makes it more likely they will see your service or product as a high-quality one.


    Instead of offering superficial information and overviews of a few different products, focus on two at a time and give your visitors a lot of details about them. By focusing on one or two at a time, your visitors will feel like they have all the information they need to make a good decision? and will therefore buy more from you and engage with your company


    By piling on a lot of information about your services and products, you might trigger the Information Bias. This psychological bias states that customers are more likely to buy and trust companies that have long and detailed product descriptions, because it makes them feel like they have been given all the information they need in order to make the right decision.

    Even if some of it is not necessary, humans see detailed descriptions as a sign of transparency and tend to think that products they have lots of knowledge about are of good value and high-quality. When your customers think they possess all the information necessary to make a good purchase, they will be faster to do exactly that.

    Avoid giving just the basics about your services or products and go more in-depth. By doing this you will make your website visitors trust you more, but most importantly you will make them feel empowered and they will be convinced they are making the right decision by choosing you.

    Trigger this particular bias by assuring your customers that your website is a safe space, and watch your conversion rates grow.

    What to test

    In Variant A, the website presents 4 products right away, but only offers some information about them, since the space is limited.

    In Variant B, or the test version, the company decided to focus only on 2 products per page and offer more specifications, so customers have all the information they need right away.

    One place where you can implement this test is on your product page or catalog, but it entirely depends on your website.

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