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?Send To Messenger? Connected Buy Button

?Send To Messenger? Connected Buy Button

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    Ecommerce?A/B Test Idea: The Hypothesis

    By adding a ?Send To Messenger? function to your product?s buy button, you?ll be able to follow up with abandon cart offers on a platform that has three times the open rates of email, further increasing your purchases and win-back percentage.

    Why You Should Test It

    If you?re sending abandon cart emails, fantastic! You?re claiming back missed purchases. If not, why not? They?re easy to automate and can bring in a lot of extra revenue on autopilot. But anyway, I?m not here to chat about email? I?m here to tell you about Facebook Messenger. And more specifically, adding it to your product ?Buy button?. Why do this? Because it connects to a Messenger bot that can send follow up messages to a platform that has three times the open rate of email. Almost guaranteeing that your abandon cart message will be seen.

    Why It Works

    Life sometimes gets in the way. So it?s only natural to remind people of an action they were going to take in the first place. Just a friendly reminder that can bring in more sales and recover lost carts for your store. And doing all of this on Facebook Messenger where most people will actually view the message is too good an opportunity to miss. If you?re going to go down this road, using limited time discount codes is always a good option to induce scarcity, especially if it?s a fit for your brand values. Take Pura Vida Bracelets for example. They offered a 20% discount to my messenger for a cart I abandoned the day before. Smart timing and a welcomed discount that could push me over the edge to buy. Not to mention I?m now subscribed to their Messenger bot, so I?ll receive updates and promotions in the future.

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