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Benefits Bar

Benefits Bar

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    Ecommerce?A/B Test Idea: The Hypothesis

    By adding a benefits bar to your site, you give your visitor more arguments that they?re making the right decision to buy from you, increasing the number of sales.

    Why You Should Test It

    Why should a visitor buy from you and not your competition? Why shouldn’t they go to Amazon and buy a similar product, get super fast shipping, and Amazon?s great return policy? If you can?t explain to your visitors why they should buy from you and the benefits you offer, then you?re in trouble. When we land on a site we?re looking for assurances and to feel safe and secure. Overall the Benefits Bar is designed to remove fear and uncertainty from your visitors, so they?re more inclined to buy from you. That could be in the form of a guarantee, free returns, and your company values. Whatever these are, show them prominently to build a relationship and overcome objections in the visitors’ mind.

    Why It Works

    If you could give your visitors a few pieces of information you think would push them over the edge to buy from you, what would they be? Would it be a 90 day guarantee, a guarantee of quality, or made in the USA? Or would it be your brand values, so the visitors can align themselves with your ethos and brand culture. Could it be that you show your visitors you?re trusted and have won awards, you?re recommended by experts, or the life changing benefits of using your product. People are looking to be reassured they?re in the right place and making the correct buying decision. Help them out with a benefits bar.

    Persuasion Theory

    Ambiguity aversion, Country of origin, Authority



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