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Prominent Search Bar

Prominent Search Bar

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    Ecommerce?A/B Test Idea: The Hypothesis

    By having a more prominent search bar, you?ll encourage your visitors to use the search feature. Leading to the discovery of more products and a more efficient browsing experience. And with an increased experience for the visitor, you?ll increase time-on-site and improve your chances of converting visitors into buyers.

    Why You Should Test It

    Search, search, search. Our whole lives now revolve around search engines. Most people don?t even type in web addresses anymore, they simply search the brand name in Google and click the top result. The ability to search is amazing when you think about it. Who wants to waste time trying trying to find something when you can just type in what you want and get the results in a millisecond. Your visitors will thank you if you make your search bar more visible. So don?t hide it in the corner with a small looking glass icon. Another thing that?s great about search bars, is reviewing user queries. These can give you great insight into what people are looking for in your store, helping you make better product choices.

    Why It Works

    We?re so used to being able to search websites in this day and age, that not having a search feature doesn?t make much sense, unless you have only have a small product selection. I don?t need to explain much here, other than saying Google, Amazon, and every other big store makes their search bar front and center. So we?re all pretty much used to the convenience by now.

    Persuasion Theory

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