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Shop The Look

Shop The Look

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    Ecommerce?A/B Test Idea: The Hypothesis

    By having a ?Shop The Look? section you can increase your average order value and encourage visitors to discover items they wouldn?t have previously viewed, increasing your purchase rate in the process.

    Why You Should Test It

    You invest in photo shoots, models, and everything else that goes into making great Ecommerce images. If you?re a fashion brand and you put effort into your photos, then it?s easy to display the products shown in your images. Why just show the top, when you could also show the pants and shoes too? increasing your average order value and putting complimentary products in front of your customers.

    Why It Works

    As humans, we just want to be told what to do. Whether that?s by leaders, politicians, or people in power. Authority figures have the power to persuade and move the masses. And just like those powerful figures, your brand has a similar authority. Your customers trust your advice and judgement. So understanding this mindset can go a long way to helping us market and display our products. When people see an image from a photo shoot, they see thought was put into it. Probably by designers, editors, and fashion gurus? The people who actually know what they?re talking about when it comes to mixing and matching items. So your photos speak with authority. They say which items look great together, and make recommendations to your visitors without even saying a word. So why not place your products next to the image and create a ?Shop The Look? section, taking full advantage of the recommendations shown in your images to funnel people to those products. How does an increased AOV sound?

    Persuasion Theory



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