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Test Idea #3: Show Your Success




    Showing off your previous success helps your visitors trust your company and your brand more. They will expect you to repeat that same success again, with them, and will be more inclined to use your services or buy from you.


    By adding specific information about how you have helped your customers before (numbers, figures, reviews, case studies) your new customers will trust you to repeat the same wins with them. Because of this they will be more likely to buy your product, interact with you and click on your CTAs.


    If you prominently showcase your achievements on your landing page or somewhere else on your website, you could trigger the ??Hot Hand Fallacy?? or ??Hot Hand Phenomenon?? cognitive bias. This psychological bias explains that humans are very likely to trust companies and other individuals that have a proven track record of success, because they expect them to continue being successful. If they have done it once, they can do it again.
    When branding and positioning your company, use exact numbers (i.e. increase in ROI or number of sold products) to demonstrate to potential clients what you have achieved. Your goal is to convince your visitors that by working with you they choose a winning team and have greatly increased their chances of reaching their goals.

    Once you convince your customers of this, you also make them trust you more and this is why you can expect to see a higher engagement with your CTAs and an increase in your conversions.

    What to test

    Variant A, or your current website, does not contain any evidence of your success and your customers might have a hard time trusting a company that doesn?t seem to have any accomplishments.

    That?s why we?ve added a whole section to our test version, or Variant B, that shows clearly what this company has achieved. You want to make sure that this data is easily readable to you potential clients, so use a clean design, graphs and numbers rather than long texts and complicated jargon.

    In this example, we are adding this information to the landing page of a website, but you can place it on any page of your website that you think is the most appropriate. ?

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