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Test Idea #24: Mimicry effect



    While the ??Likability?? psychological bias makes us prefer people who look like us, the ??Mimicry effect?? focuses on tone and language. Match the tone of your website and the language you use to that of your customers and they will be more likely to choose your company.


    By making sure that the copy on your website matches the way your target audience speaks and by using the same language they do (jargon and regionalisms), you will make it easier for them to connect with you and trust your company, which can lead to higher conversion rates.


    Mimicry usually focuses on imitation of body language and tone of voice in real life, through which we build connections and rapport with other people. If someone moves and sounds like us, we?re going to like them more from the start. For online behavior, this translates into mirroring the tone and style of communication our prospects use on the internet.
    The effect is the same: we encourage trust in people whose communication we mimic. On your website you can use copy to imitate what your main group of prospects sounds like in order to connect with them. Also, when you use industry jargon, you come off as an expert which additionally inspires trust.

    What to test

    For this idea, we took our own industry, conversion rate optimization, as an example. Variant A, or your current landing page, does not feature any industry specific language and the tone is too official to what our customers and prospects sound like. Variant B, or the test version of the landing page, prominently features the appropriate style of communication and tone (directly speaking to the customer by constantly using ??you?? and ??your??, less formal), complete with the sentence on the header image which contains industry coded language: ??We transform your statistically significant results into increased CRO and ROI!??


    Neil Patel


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